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Yeah, this has not been the weekend for me to be online. So huge sorries and hugs for any one who might have been looking for me. Not that I got a life over the weekend or anything. That would be just so out of character.

My brother came home for the holiday weekend and I quickly got pulled into a round of time sucking multiplayer X-Men Legends. Friday alone I played until nearly 2am without noticing how much time had passed. o.O;; And then Saturday we had a set of grandparents over for dinner, which meant we spent the whole day catching up on the cleaning that doesn't get done normally. And then I got sucked back into the game until 1am when I finally crashed out because I had to be at work on Sunday.

I've come to realize that I've spent far too much time away from video games, my hands and wrists hurt something fierce and it's very obvious that I'm struggling with some of the platformer game play (I keep hitting the 'heal' button when I mean to double tap jump so I can fly). But I am having way too much fun playing as Storm and blowing shit up with 'Chain Lightning'.

Now I get to sit at work and play with Dreamweaver to redesign the website for work because it's so unbelievably quiet right now. We've been open for an hour and I've only seen three people (two were just dropping off returns) and had one phone call.

Dreamweaver 8 is freakin' awesome. I found a template for exactly what I want our site to look like. Everything is already coded in, I just have to modify it a little, switch some colors out, ect. Now we'll have a site that looks more professional. While I have gotten compliments on our site from the guy who designed our new building, it just wasn't quite what I was aiming for. And I'm a code dummy. I passed my javascript class by the skin of my teeth. Actually, I'm thinking the teacher passed me so that I would graduate and go away. ^_^;; HTML is about all I can handle with absolute certainty.

I will have to spend more time updating the site, but I'm planning to launch it when we open the new building. And when we do that I will actually have people to help me (I'm currently alone in my department, and when I'm not I'm with the director who certainly isn't going to do my job so I can play with the website), which means more commission money, and in the end a trip to Japan. Yay!


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