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heh, I was bored the other day, and just didn't get around to posting these.

D, this icon I swore I would make, if only to get a giggle, on the ride home from Otakon. Especially after the discussion about the lack of new icons.



And now a question for us all to ponder. Why does my hip hurt after I have any alcohol? ::ponders while scavenging for water and advil::
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This time with icons from "Sequence" by Saenagi Ryo. Too bad there's only one volume. ::weeps::

The two characters I made all of these with are Kanata and Titi. Mostly Titi though, he has the best expressions. Bored, to interested, to pissed as hell in a matter of seconds. And the slash is canon. By accident Kanata and Titi share a soul, and at least two other characters comment on how close the two are (without of course knowing about the soul thing). To note, Titi is also a vampire of some kind or other.


Cut, cut, cut, cut.... )
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I was having entirely too much fun blowing my *entire* afternoon off on these. Now some of them took a long time, much screaming and hair pulling to finish close to the way I wanted. So, if you take, please credit and maybe even leave me a comment. These cover from the last two chapters of the 'Burial Arc' in volume 3. Or Sanzou's last chapter and Goku's first.


Follow the bouncing bullet ^_^ )

I still have two or three more chapters of Burial on my harddrive and I will use them before I delete them. You may consider that a warning. ::evil grin::
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So, after powering (otherwise known as fast forwarding to my favorite episodes) through all 4 discs of Gear Fighter Dendoh, I caved. I made icons!

For those unfamiliar with GFD, a quick overview. Very standard shounen mech anime. Two boys pilot giant robot, by name of Dendoh, and only catch is that they have to move in a syncronized fashion in order to get Dendoh to move. There are many secret identities (that aren't so secret to the audience by the middle of the first freakin' episode >_<), lost siblings, a black Gear (Knight Ogre) and villians in masks that look like blender blades. Yah.

Seeing as I can't take screencaps off DVDs, much less run DVDs in my computer, I took the pics with a digital camera. So some of these looks like I was taking a picture of a 13 inch television at 2:30 in the morning. >_<

*Warning - There is some mild nudity. Not that you see anything, but they are most certainly naked and my twisted imagination took off on me with some of these. Because, honestly, Ginga/Hokuto is my eventual OTP.

All my Alien Princes' should look like Althea )
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In order to keep me from thinking about how cold I was last night. I started making icons. Of course I started dozing off before I even finished one. So I finished them this afternoon.

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