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To note, Right Stuf rocks my socks. I'm now toting around an uber-squishable Kumagoro plush in the hood of my sweat shirt.

Still trying to get through Harry Potter. While I will definately state that the characterizations are more spot on to what has been previously established, JKR's sentences are not the most decipherable. Anyone have a cipher?

Nothing to report on the cosplay front. Still puttering away on it. Sakka-chan, I should get your jacket sewn up today. ::crosses fingers:: Hopefully the sky will stop booming.

My DVDs are out of control! I've got no more room to store anything. And any one who has seen my room knows that I basically live in a closet. My rooom is maybe 10x12 on a good day, and with all my furniture, electronics and books, there's often no room for me. And rather than go buy a *new* bookshelf for all my stuff (not that I have anywhere to put a bookshelf) I picked up a couple of DVD wallets. We'll give this a try. I'm only planning on doing this with the loose DVDs. Anything that I got in a nice collectors box will stay in the nice collectors box. I don't think I'll ditch the keep cases on all my loose DVDs. I'll probably snag a couple of huge boxes that our B&T orders come in from work, and store the keep cases in the attic.

Took me a while but I found a DVD wallet that I like. These are 3 ring binder types, with nice big slots for the booklets. With the 3 ring binder I can move pages around as I get new DVDs to keep series together.


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