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And this time by my own cleverness. This has not been a good shopping day for me. ::hangs head::

As usual I got screwed shopping for clothing. NY & Company seems to never have my size. Found a sky blue button up sweater, and like bugs on a zapper I was circling. And promptly zapped. Nothing above a small. >_< Large people, I need large. Just like I need all my pants in tall, but you seem to like hiding the tall pants in the deepest darkest corner you can find. Arg! I did find some suitable shirts (I have enough pants for a small guerrilla army) that probably looked better on me than the same blue sweater in argyle and made the minimum to use my coupon.

And now Amazon is making stabbing motions at my heart and wallet. You think I would have caught on last time I tried to combine orders and screwed up my Amazon Prime shipping. Now I've got most of my preorders that cover me til January-ish on one order with nearly $200 in shipping. >_< FU Amazon! I want to combine my orders AND use my Amazon Prime to get free shipping. I sent them a very reasonable letter asking for help and assistance, but here and now I am going to bitch my little head off and throw things in frustration. ::stompstompstomp:: Wouldn't bother me so much if the order was smaller. I'd just cancel it and reorder like I did last time this happened. But this shouldn't happen. And I want it fixed with as little work on my part as possible.


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