Jul. 2nd, 2006 09:35 pm
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Two review-ish things today. One DVD and one book.

'The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray' by Chris Wooding )

Tactics - DVD 1 )

That's it for now, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my four day weekend. ::basks in the pure laziness of napping til noon and not bothering to get out of pajamas::
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I love randomly poking through my recs on the amazon site and finding something suprising. Like the Only the Ring Finger novels.


Yes, there are spelling errors and more than a few dropped 'you's, but there's something great about having the pocket size book to read at lunch and no one knows what I'm reading. (except Heather, but she's a boylove fan too)

Also, very promising to hear, even if it's rather sudden, the Tactics anime is finally licensed. Yay! Manga Video got it, but I can't complain too much, they do decent translations. I just wish they would announce the number of discs. From the time of 150 on the first disc I can only assume 3, but I hate assuming things. EDIT: Actually, in double checking how many episodes there actually are, it would be more like 4 or 5. 4 if they didn't mind cramming the last episode in, 5 if they separate things a little better down the road.
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Got the new Loki DVD last night. Yay! Much love for episode 8. I liked Yamino before, and I knew a few details about Yamino's relationship to Loki, but seeing Yamino kick ass in episode 8 was SOOOOO much fun. Chop'ed up for spoilery things. )

/fangirly babbling

I think I may watch it again. ::cackle::
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I just got my copy of the January Shonen Jump in the mail, along with a preview copy of the HikaGo anime, which is due out late December I think.

Less than 6 minutes into the dub (the only thing available on the disc) and I'm begging for a swift end.

The translations seem pretty decent. Although it's been a while since I've watch the series through. The voice however leave so much to be desired.

Hikaru - Tolerable. Sounds more 16 than 12 though. >_<
Akari - Sounds 12. A whiny 12. I liked her seiyuu, her VA I want to strangle.
Sai - Oh the PAIN! The VA (and/or director) as turned Sai's solemn and heartfelt thanks to the powers that be for another chance into a squeal to rival Gunter's 'Heika!'.
Akira - Gah! Sounds 20. However, he sounds like he's already perving on Hikaru.

14 minutes and I have to stop. It hurts too much.
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My quest to replace my fansubs hits another freakin' speed bump. I got ripped off on Amazon Marketplace. But at least the seller seems willing to work with me to return/refund the DVDs.


I should know better than to buy a DVD box set on Amazon for such a low price. I should have known that something smelled fishy. Instead of the US box set of Gundam Wing, I get the Hong Kong copies of the US release. >_<

So I went on eBay and bid my little heart out. Got a decent deal for a full set of the individual DVDs. It went a little higher than I would have liked, but even with shipping comes out to less than $10 per disc.
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Well good day. Avoided my mom all day (she's working a double, I still have a few hours free).

She finally got the clue that if she asks me to do housework that doesn't bother me, i.e. laundry, dusting and the like, I'm perfectly happy to do them. As long as she asks me. She was complaining last night in the midst of our little blow out that I never help around the house with the chores. Well, I'm not a mind reader. I need to know what needs to be done. ::sigh::

Went to the fabric store this afternoon to pick up a few last minute bits of fabric that I needed.

I got craft felt to re-do my Sai hat and this rather neat white material for the Pissy Princess Sanzou crown (if it ever gets done). Just spent the last hour or so gluing the loose wig hair onto a strip of fabric that I plan on sewing into the new Sai hat, had to use carpenter's glue though, for some reason I've got no Elmer's in the house. At least the carpenter's is from Elmer's. I'm just waiting for the glue to finish drying all the way through so I can start doing some reinforcement sewing.

Got some of my Samurai Troopers DVDs that I ordered. Yay! I'm happily reaffirming my love for this series. And sad to state that after nearly 10 years I still remember all the lyrics to all the original theme songs. Samurai Heart, Be Free, Faraway and Stardust Eyes. Hee!
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I should not be allowed on Amazon when I'm in a sort-of-old-school anime mood. I decided to finish off my Samurai Troopers collection. 6 DVDs that I never did get around to buying. Fortunately (if I can get the couple that have flipped over to special order) I can get them all for between 12.50 and 14.50. And right before Otakon no less. Le sigh. I think I'll be using my bank account more than my credit account at the con.

Now to go watch a little more Saint Seiya before I pass out. Must attempt to get to bed a little early so that I can actually get up before noon on my morning off to do more sewing.
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I would really like to be doing something productive right now, but I think I won't. First off, I'm freezing. And it's 72 in here. I don't get it ::pulls hair:: And two, my stomach is very unhappy with something I ate. Urg.

Anyway, I rewatched RG Veda and the translations still bother me. I've been picking up the manga, which I love. I don't think Ashura could get any cuter, and Yasha couldn't dote more on that kid. Plus there's the fact that Tokyopop opted to make Ashura a boy for the most part (thank you Tokyopop!). There are stil gender neutral moments, but most of the people around Ashura refer to him as a boy. I like that much better than the anime. The translations make Ashura a girl. >_< Even I know enough Japanese to pick up that Ashura doesn't use the work 'I'. Ashura just uses his name. Like saying Ashura saying "Ashura doesn't snore". Or something to that effect.

And this isn't rabid yaoi fangirl speak. I really prefer Ashura as a boy. Even before I had read the manga, I was only really familiar with the anime, and calling Ashura a girl just didn't sit right with me.

I think I'll watch some of Saiyuki Reload and then curl up under my nice toasty blankets and try to write.


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