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Because I was feeling rather domestic this afternoon.

So I spent time chopping up apples. ^___^

I really wanted to make pork gyoza, but that just wasn't in the cards this afternoon. Maybe this weekend.

EDIT: I'll never win any pie baking contests as my pies usually look terrible. But as usual, my apple pie is full of win. So says my brother who loves apple pie more than any other desert. Except maybe homemade peanutbutter cookies.

Also: Watching Joel McHale on Countdown. His baby is cute, trying to crawl across the super shiny desk.
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I really want to bake some bread right now. But I don't have any yeast. But that's not my biggest problem. My biggest problem is tracking down an authentic recipe for challah that will work in my bread machine.

I found one, but it has milk in it. No go.

I found another, but it's designed for only using the machine to make the dough and then making traditional braid loaves. Which are damn good, but far more work intensive than I really want.

::sigh:: Maybe I'll make a beer bread instead.

EDIT: Ha! I found a recipe that has it cooking in the machine all the way. Hurray! And little did I realize that beer bread is a 12-24 hour investment for the beer and the extra yeast to do it's thing. Damn.


Mar. 19th, 2006 11:25 am
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It was a tasty dinner. Oh so very tasty.

-Dough zooming around in the machine This made things ever so much easier. ::hugs bread machine::
-Filling I made this with pork, cabbage (it was a coleslaw mix so there were carrots), sugar, soy sauce, and a dash of sesame oil
-Uncooked nikuman Messy!
-Finished nikuman The bread is a little thin at the bottom, a few even leaked a bit. So that's something to fix on the next effort.

This whole thing worked out much better than the sakura mochi did. Possibly because I was working with bread, which is much easier for me to deal with. Even though I forgot to flour my hands before digging into the dough. Oops. ^_^;;

And after sharing them with the rest of the family (I don't think mom had one though) I still have a couple left over for lunch today. Yay!!
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It would own my soul, but I've already sold that off to Minekura and Arakawa in worship of their manga.


So I'm trying to make nikuman as we speak. And it looks like this will go a sight better than the sakura mochi went. The pork and cabage filling is done and *uber* tasty. And the bread for the buns is finishing up on the dough cycle on my bread machine, and then the whole shebang will go in the steamer. I'm so glad we splurged for the nicer bread machine a couple years ago and that mom said I could keep it when I move out.

Bread machines are love. Really and truly. You just can't beat a hot and fresh loaf of bread with dinner.

Now, back to staring at the timer!
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A while back I said I was going to attempt making Sakuramochi. Well, I did. It wasn't a complete failure, but it was darn close. The beans didn't work out. I was using precooked kidney beans, but I may not have drained them enough because they were a touch on the watery side, not capable of being rolled into balls. Other than that the beans tasted okay. So in the end, I ditched the beans.

As far as the rice itself, I did okay, but it definately could have been steamed longer. Next time I plan on steaming each batch for the full time, maybe even 10-15 minutes longer. So the rice didn't smash completely.

A bowl of pink rice. This part at least was easy. ::grins::
Rice balls prior to final steaming. As you can probably see in the picture, I couldn't smash them enough to make them doughy.
Rice balls in the steamer. Final steaming.

They still tasted pretty good. I think this calls for a reread of the instructions and another attempt. ::grin::

And now onto the cosplay pics.

I started working on the drafts of Sakka-chan's sword and I'm glad to find that the experience in drafting my own sword made this one go in half the time.

Rough area for Morgif's head and hilt.
Point of the blade. Hard to see, but this blade is wider than the other sword.
Mostly complete hilt. The pattern was a *bitch* to replicate.
Partial crosspiece. I'm too lazy to draw both sides and all four claw things.
Morgif's face. I love the curvy part of the bottom of the blade. It just draws my eye everytime I look at it.

I just ordered the specialty blade for carving the wood, and hopefully next weekend I can go out and start buying the wood I need.


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