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And right now it's mostly hate. Damn you high school for hooking me on to the internet and then letting me feed my fandoms with the internet.

Well, the DSL/Dial-up drama continues. Those who are out of the loop it rivals a baby-mama drama. First I'm on dial-up, then we get DSL for the house and set up a router to share. Then the router crapped out. With me appauding myself for being paranoid enough not to cancel my dial-up service. We replace the router after many month of painful dial-up. After x months with working DSL again I'm back to nasty dial-up because my computer doesn't recognize the router any more. The router sees me, but I don't see the router. I don't think I even made 4 months this time. And it's not the router this time. My brother logs on just fine.

I'd really like it back though, and soon, because it's all Sharon's fault for subliminally getting me hooked on on torrenting anime. Darn you, Sharon! ::grins::

More work on the costumes today, seeing as I couldn't get online all afternoon. I'm sewing up Sakka-chan's jacket right now and I bought the leotard for under my Sanzou costume. The leotard just needs to be modified a bit, but it's black, has a turtleneck type collar, and long sleeves that will be that will be made into the arm thingies. I just need to track down something to bind my chest to make me look flatter. KMart should have something, maybe a sports bra... I doubt that I'll be wandering around with the top of my robe rucked around my waist, but just in case the weather is even more evil.


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