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Heh, and here I was tempted to just snag this and pretend I was tagged.

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It's thundering, but I don't wanna get off the computer. And it still sounds far enough away that I'm not going to rush.

Anyway, I really wish I'd called out of work this morning. I got *no* sleep last night. 1:30am rolled around and I admitted defeat and shut the TV off. 3:00am rolled around and I turned the TV back on because the wheels would just not stop turning. 4:30am reared it's ugly head and I still wasn't tired and I was supposed to be up at 7:30-ish for work. After that, the last thing I recall is 4:50am. Whether I actually slept or dozed, I'm not sure. But I do know that Mom barged in and made enough noise to wake me up at about 6:00.

So now I'm trying to get some caffeine into my system so I can make it through the rest of the day. At least I'm done with work for today.

Also, I've been rewatching Hikaru no Go, and fic ideas are eating my brain. Especially the Touyas. Touya Meijin and Akira are planting evil little ideas. Ideas that are to fast for me to squish.

And now for a meme, pilfered from [ profile] yami_tai:

Pick 3 interests from my user info that you want to know more about and I'll explain them better to you.

Repost this in your journal.


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