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Tokyopop has killed me with Reload 4. I had a hard time taking Hazel seriously before. (especially with the sketch that Minekura left in 'Saiyubito'. You *KNOW* what I'm talking about Sakka-chan.) Now, I stand no chance. The accent choice they made killed me.

Reads a bit Southern. Or maybe Texas.

It fits, but at the same time added with Hazel's Hazel-ness, it kills me with giggles.
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I love randomly poking through my recs on the amazon site and finding something suprising. Like the Only the Ring Finger novels.


Yes, there are spelling errors and more than a few dropped 'you's, but there's something great about having the pocket size book to read at lunch and no one knows what I'm reading. (except Heather, but she's a boylove fan too)

Also, very promising to hear, even if it's rather sudden, the Tactics anime is finally licensed. Yay! Manga Video got it, but I can't complain too much, they do decent translations. I just wish they would announce the number of discs. From the time of 150 on the first disc I can only assume 3, but I hate assuming things. EDIT: Actually, in double checking how many episodes there actually are, it would be more like 4 or 5. 4 if they didn't mind cramming the last episode in, 5 if they separate things a little better down the road.
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Okay, now that that's out of my system.

I went out this afternoon to blow some of the gift cards I got for the holidays. I still have a bunch, but at least I burned through two of them. So now I have two seasons of "Lois & Clark" (yah, in retrospect, the special effects are pretty lame, but come on! Dean Cain's HOT.) and a approximately $80 worth of manga that I got for about $30.

::scurries back to watch a mostly naked Dean Cain in the pilot::

New Manga!

Nov. 2nd, 2005 04:37 pm
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Got two new manga in the mail this afternoon, both from Tokyopop's BLU line.

'Bout a week ago I got their first volume of Love Mode. Aside from a few spots that I thought were a little off, I couldn't find anything to complain about. BLU's translation is pretty solid, the book is well printed (no loss of text off the sides that Viz does *all* the time), pages or printed properly (unlike Kitty that randomly darkens pages to obscure certain sex acts), and the art content is unedited. All in all, a solid start for BLU. Just as solid as the majority of Tokyopop's works.

Today I got "Shinobu Kokoro" and "Earthian". I just finished Shinobu Kokoro and I *loved* it and I definately recommend it for anyone looking for decent yaoi stories. It's six short stories and one omake story. The first four and the omake are about two pairs of ninja, and the last two are about a snow spirit or kami or some sort and a human boy.

As for Earthian, I just started reading it, so I really haven't formed any opinions from the first chapter. But interestingly enough they used the same crinkley cover from the reprints that came out a couple years ago.
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This is from the TokyoPop Panel at AnimeExpo as reported by Some one on the Loveless comm reported this.

I'm liking some of the new stuff listed for upcoming and recent acquisitions:

-Saiyuki Reload (I've had mine preordered for almost 2 months, heh)
-Kingdom Hearts (which is very cute, I may just buy it)
-Loveless (o.O..... cool, I never thought that would happen)
-BussGamer (yay! Minekura! Can we hope Wild Adapter is next)
-Gravitation novels (now I don't have to dig up the originals)

And they're starting a Boy Love line with Earthian, Love Mode, and Wild Rock. w00t!


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