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I'm ever so glad that this house is full of gaming dorks. Because I actually *had* a Gamecube so that I could pick up the Naruto 'Clash of Ninja' game.

It's full of crack. Anime canon crack. ::dies in amusement::

Some things are fairly suprising about the game, while others are not.

Cut for those who care not. ::grins:: Character breakdown )

CRACK! In all it's cell shaded glory )

So, the move to the new building is going though and tomorrow morning I have to report at the old building to help get everything started. ::way excited for this::

If you're curious about the building project that ate at least a year and a half of our lives in planning and pimping and two years in construction here's a photographic archive of everthing done at the site. If you're interested keep an eye on it for the next month and watch us move a collection of more than 90,000 books, movies, and more.
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Or something of that fashion.

The move to the new building looooooooms! And so does that stack of filled boxes. ::eyes it for signs of toppling::

We're thinking this Monday, with little warning, the moving truck will pull up in front of our door and we'll be booted. ::grins:: I need to continue packing and slapping shipping labels on everything.

So we're only 9 months late. ^_^;;

I's so ded

Sep. 23rd, 2005 07:52 pm
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Yesterday the moving company that we hired to move all our books to the new building lent (for free I might add) us a number of the giant wooden trucks they use to move. They're about 4 1/2 long and four shelves tall.

We're shifting our picture book collection on to the trucks so that we can get them in order. Right now they're in bins and only sorted by one letter. Now we can get them in total alphabetical order. Down to the titles. Originally we were going to have the movers take the nonfiction and then we would use the nonfiction shelves to prep the picture books. At which point they offered to lend us the trucks so we could really get started.

Today I filled two and a half of these trucks over a seven hour shift. And I only got through authors starting with 'C'. >_<

I was so tired and sore afterwards I came home and dozed for two hours. And I'm still not really with it yet. I will sleep the sleep of the overworked tonight.
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This hurricane needs to move it's windy behind, because the drastic overnight pressure changes are killing me.

Woke up this morning completely stuffed up and struggling to catch a full breath. Thought it might be a cold at first, but the handful of tissues I went through would testify otherwise. I'm better now, but I'm still having throuble with my sinuses. Not enough to call out of work for the night. Oh well. Guess I have to drag my sorry, stuffy self in.

Apparently I've also been far too efficient at work. The move to the new building is coming up fast. We don't have a date yet, but all of the department heads have been putting together lists of tasks that still need to be done in preparation for and during the move. Joan (my supervisor) added a section for jobs that we had finished. And it's a bigger list that what we still have to do. And it seems that we've been told that we should have those listed, that it makes basically the other departments look bad.

So now we thrive on mediocrity. Why have I been working my ass off all this time and getting nothing for it?

Joanie and I have been working our butts off for the last two years to make sure that once the building was done we could pack, move, set up, and sit back and relax for a month. This way we would be able to move with out worrying about things not getting done during our downtime, that once we move we can spend the rest of the time setting up our desks and getting comfortable in our new space, while the other departments scurry about like chickens with their heads cut off.

And believe me, I will be laughing the whole time.


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