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I'm so dead from Jury Duty. For doing little else that sitting and listening to people natter on about this or that it's very exhausting. One good thing that's coming out of all this is my muse got a bit of a kick in the arse listening to the testimony today. I may even have enough to get chapter 2 done this weekend. ^_______^

All the law enforcement and drug related terms I'm picking up. They woke the Duo muse up. He demanded, and I will answer. Eventually. And actually it solves a problem that was starting to crop up with the dead body. Besides the fact it's a dead body. heh. And it will actually make me sound legit. I love it!!

Now I just have to debate whether or not I dare to bring my fic to work on during lunch break or that *long* quiet time before the rest of the jurors show up in the morning. Bringing fics to class to work on is one thing. The court house is another.
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My cat is giving me a look that hollers 'Sheesh. Melodrama much?'


I've been playing KH:CoM for about the last hour and a half. ::ded:: And I'm halfway through with the second floor. Shut it. I've got an awful learning curve on RPG games. What most people would have figured out by now, I'm still farting around with. I've gotta snag the booklet, Simba and the fire card aren't showing up in my deck. ::kiiiiills it::

I'm seriously thinking that next month (I'll probably still be farting around with CoM, if I don't give up because it's too bleeding hard) I'll take the game to Jury Duty with me. That will amuse the Federal Marshalls, when it stick that on the conveyor belt. ::snicker:: Bunch of cheeky buggers. Trouble makers the lot of them. A lot of fun, though, if you have to pass through the security check point when it's quiet. Today, after the deputy forewoman and I cleared on our way back from getting lunch, one of the men kept forcing the wand to beep as we walked past him, trying to make us go back through the metal detector while trying not to fall over laughing. Of course this was after they told us that had they not already eaten, they might have to confiscate our lunchs. ::grin::

EDIT: D'uh. I figured out the deck problem. But now my eyes really itch. I think I'll watch 'Loki' volume 3 to resist the urge to pick up the SP again.
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Well, back from my jury summons. Fed and watered.

And on a Grand Jury.

WTF, mate.

I'm stuck going at most 3 times a month for the next 10-18 MONTHS.


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