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Here I am, sick as a dog. Which is better than I was even two days ago. Really.

I was so wretched that most days I would get home from work and go to bed. No TV, no computer. Food... Ha! Nothing was even remotely edible. I think I've lived on saltines and plain pasta for nearly a week now.

However I did use the time spent curled up in bed looking pitiful this weekend by digging through the stack of DVDs I've started but not finished and reading the huge pile of books from work.

Supernatural Season 1 )

Voltron: Blue Lion Box )

Missing in Tokyo by Graham Marks )

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer )

Currently Reading:
Montmorency on the Rocks by Eleanor Updale

On the Pile:
Frommer's Japan
Cityguide Tokyo
Dark Flight Down by Marcus Sedgwick
Peter and the Shadow Thieves by Dave Barry
The Queen of Attolia by Megan Turner
The King of Attolia by Megan Turner
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Paterson
Maximum Ride: School's Out Forver by James Paterson
Poison by Chris Wooding
The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
Montmorency and the Assassins by Eleanor Updale
Ranger's Apprentice 1: The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan
Ranger's Apprentice 2: The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan
The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
and a sack full of bad paperbacks
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Wai! Sentinel DVDs! Finally! And to be able to watch them with a nice clear picture rather than with the broadcast fuzzies.

Oh the pre-slashy goodness that is episode 5. I hope I can stay awake long enough to watch it. ^_^

::bugs off early to stare happily at Richard Burgi and Garrett Maggart::

EDIT: Pooh, none of the blooper reels. I hope they make it on to the next box. Because RB and GM play up to how slashy the show can get. And I want better copies than what I have. ::grins::
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Okay, now that that's out of my system.

I went out this afternoon to blow some of the gift cards I got for the holidays. I still have a bunch, but at least I burned through two of them. So now I have two seasons of "Lois & Clark" (yah, in retrospect, the special effects are pretty lame, but come on! Dean Cain's HOT.) and a approximately $80 worth of manga that I got for about $30.

::scurries back to watch a mostly naked Dean Cain in the pilot::
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For the Buffy fans I know.

I just spotted this on my Amazon Rec list. A 40 disc set (the entire series + a bonus disc) for $170. That's a *fabulous* deal. One that is making me seriously consider picking it up. I was never a faithful follower of the series, except for the year I lived in Philly. My roommate, on the other hand, loved the series. For a set that totals about $4.25 a *disc*, I'm giving it consideration for after the holiday. Even at the full list price it's still a fantastic deal working out to about $5 a disc.
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I just got my copy of KKM volume 4, did anyone else buy the DVD and *not* get the mock cel. That was the whole reason I was bothering to preorder them. Or maybe they just didn't have one for this volume, which doesn't make any sense. Although if it turns out that it was only available in the version that came with a storage box I will be all kinds of pissed.

At least I have a nice clean copy of the bearbees episode. ::snicker::
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To note, Right Stuf rocks my socks. I'm now toting around an uber-squishable Kumagoro plush in the hood of my sweat shirt.

Still trying to get through Harry Potter. While I will definately state that the characterizations are more spot on to what has been previously established, JKR's sentences are not the most decipherable. Anyone have a cipher?

Nothing to report on the cosplay front. Still puttering away on it. Sakka-chan, I should get your jacket sewn up today. ::crosses fingers:: Hopefully the sky will stop booming.

My DVDs are out of control! I've got no more room to store anything. And any one who has seen my room knows that I basically live in a closet. My rooom is maybe 10x12 on a good day, and with all my furniture, electronics and books, there's often no room for me. And rather than go buy a *new* bookshelf for all my stuff (not that I have anywhere to put a bookshelf) I picked up a couple of DVD wallets. We'll give this a try. I'm only planning on doing this with the loose DVDs. Anything that I got in a nice collectors box will stay in the nice collectors box. I don't think I'll ditch the keep cases on all my loose DVDs. I'll probably snag a couple of huge boxes that our B&T orders come in from work, and store the keep cases in the attic.

Took me a while but I found a DVD wallet that I like. These are 3 ring binder types, with nice big slots for the booklets. With the 3 ring binder I can move pages around as I get new DVDs to keep series together.
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I would really like to be doing something productive right now, but I think I won't. First off, I'm freezing. And it's 72 in here. I don't get it ::pulls hair:: And two, my stomach is very unhappy with something I ate. Urg.

Anyway, I rewatched RG Veda and the translations still bother me. I've been picking up the manga, which I love. I don't think Ashura could get any cuter, and Yasha couldn't dote more on that kid. Plus there's the fact that Tokyopop opted to make Ashura a boy for the most part (thank you Tokyopop!). There are stil gender neutral moments, but most of the people around Ashura refer to him as a boy. I like that much better than the anime. The translations make Ashura a girl. >_< Even I know enough Japanese to pick up that Ashura doesn't use the work 'I'. Ashura just uses his name. Like saying Ashura saying "Ashura doesn't snore". Or something to that effect.

And this isn't rabid yaoi fangirl speak. I really prefer Ashura as a boy. Even before I had read the manga, I was only really familiar with the anime, and calling Ashura a girl just didn't sit right with me.

I think I'll watch some of Saiyuki Reload and then curl up under my nice toasty blankets and try to write.


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