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I'm so dead from Jury Duty. For doing little else that sitting and listening to people natter on about this or that it's very exhausting. One good thing that's coming out of all this is my muse got a bit of a kick in the arse listening to the testimony today. I may even have enough to get chapter 2 done this weekend. ^_______^

All the law enforcement and drug related terms I'm picking up. They woke the Duo muse up. He demanded, and I will answer. Eventually. And actually it solves a problem that was starting to crop up with the dead body. Besides the fact it's a dead body. heh. And it will actually make me sound legit. I love it!!

Now I just have to debate whether or not I dare to bring my fic to work on during lunch break or that *long* quiet time before the rest of the jurors show up in the morning. Bringing fics to class to work on is one thing. The court house is another.


Jan. 11th, 2006 08:43 pm
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Not that I don't love my cat, but it's hard to use the computer when she decides to be a lap-kitty. I want to write, but I can't. Too much strain on the shoulders.

And I'd rather not shove her off right now. She's like a little furnace. With teeth.

In the meantime, to prove I have been writing, here's a little line that amuses me.

Deal-breaker (at some point late in chapter 2 or early 3)

"That’s the other side of the city and a fair chunk of the 'burbs! That’s," I start counting with my hands, "more blocks than I have fingers." I wiggle said fingers at Heero and try to look adorably befuddled.
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Why, oh why, must I be bitten by plot while I'm at work. This would not have been a problem if I were still working alone. But I had to go bitch about the 'not safe'ness of working on a floor (in the new building) that's about 15,000 square feet all by my lonesome.

In the end I suppose it's alright. I need to go through the copious hand written notes I have and type them into something logical. Then of course reprint it so I can drag it with me everywhere.
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Mean, mean muse. Assaulting me at 2:30 in the freakin' morning with very smutty ideas, when I have to be up at 7-ish for work.

Yeah, I did get some of it written down. But when the sex started to play out in my head, I decided I would be better off just letting it run it's course in my head, rather than stay up to try and get it all on paper.
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That near three day run of watching almost nothing but forensic shows and stuff like First 48 woke my muse up.

Suddenly I had Heero and Duo discussing details of the investigation and trying to plot out the victim's last movements. But of course at nearly 2am they decided to start talking. Which of course means I had to take notes on the clipboard as Pear-chan had staked her claim on the computer chair

Only problem is that I got caught on the forensics. I've got to do a little research and redo some of the timing.
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If I had known that all it would take to wake up my GW fic muse was rewatching even a small chunk of the series, I would have done it ages ago. Unfortunately I couldn't get my Duo muse to shut up.

I did however get some dialog down before I gave up. I'm not sure if Duo and Heero are flirting blatantly or still oblivious to the fact that they have the hots to each other. But they are flirting.

It's nearly a full page in my 3am scrawl, so it will probably be less than a quarter page when I type it all up.
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Back again, back again!

Feeling better now having typed up all that crap I really didn't feel my 'rents needed to know. All my sketches and measurements for the rest of the metal cutting are done, no kitchen supplies were harmed in the search for the right size circle. I just have to give them to dad and hope that he doesn't forget like he usually does. If that happens I'll probably have to hit up the teeny jewelery stores for arm band and rings and forgo the crown.

Now I think I'm going to crash, maybe take my clipboard to bed with me so I can write. Oddly enough, Heero was yapping (as much as he can) in my head. I think he wants to do his big dramatic moment. Hopefully I can coax him back. The idea hit when I was at that crappy party staring out at the murky pond in the backyard watching the prehistoric fish that lurks there catch bugs. And sadly I had no way to write down my thoughts. Typical.

And finally got a response from Hall Costume contest thing. Sadly Sakka-chan I can't sign up for both days. The rules on the main page were left over from last year. Bastards. Jerks. F***ers. I think I know a possible way to get around that though. We can talk abut that when you get back.
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It's thundering, but I don't wanna get off the computer. And it still sounds far enough away that I'm not going to rush.

Anyway, I really wish I'd called out of work this morning. I got *no* sleep last night. 1:30am rolled around and I admitted defeat and shut the TV off. 3:00am rolled around and I turned the TV back on because the wheels would just not stop turning. 4:30am reared it's ugly head and I still wasn't tired and I was supposed to be up at 7:30-ish for work. After that, the last thing I recall is 4:50am. Whether I actually slept or dozed, I'm not sure. But I do know that Mom barged in and made enough noise to wake me up at about 6:00.

So now I'm trying to get some caffeine into my system so I can make it through the rest of the day. At least I'm done with work for today.

Also, I've been rewatching Hikaru no Go, and fic ideas are eating my brain. Especially the Touyas. Touya Meijin and Akira are planting evil little ideas. Ideas that are to fast for me to squish.

And now for a meme, pilfered from [ profile] yami_tai:

Pick 3 interests from my user info that you want to know more about and I'll explain them better to you.

Repost this in your journal.


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