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I meant to post this yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind. That and with my costume work I haven't been working on the cross-stitch as much, if at all. I think I got 20 stitches total done this week. Very sad.

Updates for the 1x2 Cross-stitch are on temporary hiatus until I'm back from all my vacationing. I'm debating posting on the Sunday/Monday after Otakon, but I don't have a hell of a lot of time for that. I get home about 8 on Sunday night then have to leave the house by at least 3am for the flight to Costa Rica. ;_;
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I'm a dork. A dork that just blew a lot of money having these made, but a happy dork.

So I've got another 199 sets. I'll bring a few to Otakon for anyone interested. After Otakon you can start emailing me or leaving replies in my journal in you want a set. I've just got to figure out the cost per. ^_^

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that these were all done using sketches done for me by [personal profile] silvertalesages ago. They finally got some use Kit!  
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Not as much completed this week as I lost all of Saturday and on Sunday found I had made a HUGE error that required pulling out about 100 stitches. Pooh

Next week will probably be about the same as I have to buckle down and get my costume for Otakon repaired in the next few days. Which actually I have some fun news for GW fans & cosplayers in that regard, but I need to wait a little before I post. I'm waiting for my order to get here.

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I wish I could do it. ;_;

Allergies are so killing me right now. Being able to breathe through my nose has become a lost art, and by mouth isn't a hell of of lot easier. Takes more concentration for some odd reason. I keep forgetting to take a freakin' breath. If only I could take antihistimes, but every single medication I've tried raises my heartrate WAY too high.

On a costume note. Foiled again! I was within the end. It was in sight. And I goofed on the whole collar/shoulder area. Ooops. Should have looked at ALL the pictures before I started up the sewing machine. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get an early enough start before work to get the shoulder bits ready to sew together.

And I need velcro. Like two days ago. ::throws a pencil a father type person who said he would raid work for velcro.
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I can't believe I lost the damn zipper for my costume! I spent way more time that I should have at the craft store digging for a suitable zipper and I LOST it.


Now I'm on a cleaning rampage, I have no desire to haul my arse back to the craft store to buy another $2 zipper. So far not in the craft box, the infamous sewing tin, or the fabric box. It's not like my room is all that big....

On a better costuming note, I tackled the jacket cuffs today. 'Twas hell and they look a touch crooked up close, but all things considering I think I did pretty good. I hope to be done in the next few days so I can post some pictures before Otakon.

EDIT: I win!! I found it ::dances:: Only took me like and hour and a half.
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Totally. I made something in a new material I've never worked with before.

Leather. I made a cosplay piece in honest to goodness leather. ::dances::

It was small, it's for my Wolfram costume, it's the leather strap that goes over his shoulder to (I can only assume) take some of the weight of his sword. It's not terrific, and I highly wouldn't recommend looking too close, but as long as you're not all up in my rather minimal cleavage it looks pretty good.

I'll provide some pictures later, right now I have to get ready for work. 1:30 is such an awkard time to start a shift.
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Took my cat to the vet today. I had the newer vet lady person (her name escapes me as usual), she however has never dealt with my beast!cat. The vet was a bit concerned that she dropped some weight, but I'm not all that bothered. She's gone from an outside cat to an inside cat and seems to be bright enough to adjust her eating habits to suit her day. That and she's not getting all those extra moles. heheh... ^_^;;;;

Then the vet is this close to flipping out about the lump on Pear-chan's side. I calmly explained to her that the dear little pest got into something shouldn't have as a kitten and has been fine ever since, and she's about 10 or 11 now I think. I could be wrong though, she might be younger. But all is well,

Doc is still nervous and asked me to keep an eye on her for unusual behavior. She seems keen on running blood work.

Also, pardon me while I die of CLAMP inflicted slashiness.

I'm finally playing catch up with xxxHolic. Chapters 94/95 slay me, both in dialog and the CLAMP standard of the injured eye. The Doumeki/Watanuki kills. And *everyone* seems to be doing their level best to get them to admit the UST.

On the Cosplay Front:
I was going to go out and get stuff at the local quilting supply (why don't we have a general craft store anymore ::weeps::) and pick up a few trim thingies and my handy cosplay standby - elastic. Sad thing is though, I was going to stop there, but I turned too soon and wound up at my house instead... Oh well, hopefully I'll get out of Jury early enough to stop at the store.

Strangely enough, this costume is going faster than any other costume I've done thus far. We~eird. The pants and jacket are about about the halfway point in a little more than one weeks time. Even though I've been putting the table away at the end of each day I spend sewing. Which I might add is better for my day to day than leaving my sewing table up the whole time. I can actually get to my work clothes. Heh.

Snow ^_^

Feb. 12th, 2006 11:41 am
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Well, it's just about white out conditions here, and I've got the day off. ::cackle:: Fortunately I still have nearly a weeks worth of comp time, so I don't have to cut into my vacation time for Otakon. Yay!

I meant to get these up last night, but the ftp was down and even though I got a couple of them up before that, the whole thing went down moments later. >_<

So, here's my completed fireball for my Wolfram costume.

Half yellow: With my DNAngel tin for size comparison
All yellow: With Sanzou for size comparison, and Vash lurking. ::grins::
Yellow and Orange: With Sanzou and Goku.
All done: And not so break my pattern of dorkiness, Sanzou-ikkou threatening the styrofoam.


Feb. 10th, 2006 09:10 pm
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I forgot how much waiting for paint to dry is agony.

Right now I'm painting the ball that I will more than likely use (if it comes out the way I'm hoping) for my Wolfram costume as a fireball. hee!

It's about half yellow right now, if the paint dries in a timely fashion I'll finish the yellow and then start in on the orange and the little bit of red.
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A while back I said I was going to attempt making Sakuramochi. Well, I did. It wasn't a complete failure, but it was darn close. The beans didn't work out. I was using precooked kidney beans, but I may not have drained them enough because they were a touch on the watery side, not capable of being rolled into balls. Other than that the beans tasted okay. So in the end, I ditched the beans.

As far as the rice itself, I did okay, but it definately could have been steamed longer. Next time I plan on steaming each batch for the full time, maybe even 10-15 minutes longer. So the rice didn't smash completely.

A bowl of pink rice. This part at least was easy. ::grins::
Rice balls prior to final steaming. As you can probably see in the picture, I couldn't smash them enough to make them doughy.
Rice balls in the steamer. Final steaming.

They still tasted pretty good. I think this calls for a reread of the instructions and another attempt. ::grin::

And now onto the cosplay pics.

I started working on the drafts of Sakka-chan's sword and I'm glad to find that the experience in drafting my own sword made this one go in half the time.

Rough area for Morgif's head and hilt.
Point of the blade. Hard to see, but this blade is wider than the other sword.
Mostly complete hilt. The pattern was a *bitch* to replicate.
Partial crosspiece. I'm too lazy to draw both sides and all four claw things.
Morgif's face. I love the curvy part of the bottom of the blade. It just draws my eye everytime I look at it.

I just ordered the specialty blade for carving the wood, and hopefully next weekend I can go out and start buying the wood I need.
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If any one is looking for me I'm off tracking down cosplay materials. Shrink wrap and fabric. ^_^ Now, no funny looks at the shrink wrap. I have grand prop ideas. Which may deflate if I can't find it in the right colors. But damnit, I won't give up!

Also to note. I love my new little MP3 player. ::pets:: And it's concrete evidence that my father actually was listening to me, no matter how much he may deny it. He got me one that's powered by a regular AAA battery. I had been looking at a couple of higher end ones, but they were all the hard wired batteries or had to charge through a USB port. As my computer sucks major ass, that was definately out. Hell, I can't even plug this one into my computer to load it up. Something about not having registered Windows. ::ducks head:: So I have to load up a Zip disk and use the family computer to get anything on here. Takes me twice as long as it should. Heheh.

Anyway, I'm off now. Anyone needs me, or if you're around town Cassie, call me on my cell.
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Or at least the drafting.

The drafting is done full scale, and by eye. I really couldn't find as many pictures as I would have liked of the swords. Or at the very least animator reference photos. And don't worry, I did use a ruler because let's face it, I couldn't draw a straight line to save my life.

Sword 1 - Rough pencil lines around the hilt and crosspiece.
Sword 2 - Rough pencil lines for the bottom of the crosspiece and the blade.
Sword 3 - Close up (sorry for the fuzziness) of the underside of the crosspiece. I'm very proud of that for some reason.
Sword 4 - Finished draft and templates for the crosspiece.
Sword 5 - Templates for the crosspiece.
Sword 6 - Close up of the hilt.

I have to redo the pommel a bit. Seems a tad lopsided. So I've got to remeasure a little.

And next, Sakka-chan's sword!
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Because it's pouring rain and gusting extremely hard, the cat can't go out. So I'll share some pictures of my beasty pets. Who are of course napping now, but in a few hours they'll be sick of each other and attempting to leave claw marks.

I've been pwned.
My foot seems to make a good body pillow.
I can see up your nose, kitty-beast.

Demon posessed, blanket burrowing fat cat.

Would seem that a trip to the bathroom means I forfeit my bed.

-Cosplay Update-
Sword sizing template. Everything is measured out. The yard stick finally came in handy. Both swords are marked on the stick. Now I just need to find that damn knife and I can get started.

Mini Mock Morgif, Unpainted.

Mini Mock Morgif, Sharpied. Because I was too lazy to paint

Mini Mock Morgif Pwns you, Sanzou-Ikkou.
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Dudes, this makes twice today. Get it through your thick heads that calling *everyday* at 3 in the afternoon will not get you my mother. Nor will it likely ever. For pities sake, most people don't even get out of work until after 4. This puts you right up there with my credit union that insists on calling me at work, even though I told them, and they have notes in the system, that my work number (because I don't have an office and am right out in the middle of the public) is only for dire, total armageddon type emergencies.

Maybe I'm just iritable because I didn't sleep well last night. Mostly because the good old brain was churning out cosplay construction plans, complete with diagrams. I should have some pictures to post in the next day or two, I spent yesterday measuring for swords and marking lengths on a yard stick.

Sakka-chan, from the pictures I have of the two of us standing together, you look to be about 5 inches shorter than me. Roughly speaking.

Hopefully this week I'll get more information from the guy at Dad's work that does woodworking, see if his knows a good place nearby that sells draw knives. Seeing as the woodworkers warehouse in town closed and filed for bankrupcy. Damn. Why didn't I get into this sooner. I would buy it online, but I'm thinking it would be better to buy specialty blades in a store.

If not that, then I want to look for red shrink wrap. Shrinky, shrinky.
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Another cosplay update, and a mostly finished piece. ^___^

-Test stringing. Used two different size pearls. Didn't really like it, so I re-strung it to:
-Test stringing 2. Much better. Too long, but fixed easily enough.
-Mostly complete. It's stringed a little loose, so that if it turns out to be too long, I can easily take it apart. Now I just need to sand the paperclay parts a bit with the 400 grit paper. It's basically the same stuff they make those really nice nail files out of. Emory, or how every it's spelled. Once it's sanded a bit, I may do a coat or two of gesso.

Next project: start drafting out the swords. ^_^

Hey Sakka-chan, suitable cosplay engagement ring? ::rolls away cackling::

Also, I found a pendant that could work as Julia's, but the stone is opaque. Oh, and think about whether or not you want the oh so kingly and funny looking drape. No rush, but if I'm going to make it I'd like to start planning that into my schedule.
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Yay for Paperclay! Took me ages to find it at the craft store. And only because the staff at the craft store were twits.

Anyway. I did a test run on making the accessories for my new costume. Now that I have a better idea of the general consistancy of the paperclay and now that I found the tips page on the company site (couldn't they have put some of those on the freakin' bag!), I'm going to do a few more tests over the weekend before I finalize anything.

And now for pics!

Ignore my strange additions to the picture. I've obviously cracked badly.

And this one for Sakka-chan and V-chan. Thanks a lot for getting that stuck in my head. (check the bottom of the pic. I so did not plan that being in the picture. That is the only reason I posted the Happy Plushie Family.)
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Actually I got home yesterday afternoon, but I spent the rest of the day sorting through my loot and dirty laundry.

Otakon was a blast! And I really didn't participate in many of the con activities, it was mostly our little group entertaining ourselves. ::snicker::

I need to start thinking about cosplay for next year and what I want to try (if I try anything new). Hopefully I'll find some pictures soon, and post them. I know a few people took some of me in costume.
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Well, [ profile] genkisakka. Your jacket is done. ::grins::

Edward Elric:
-Flamel. Hand painted. A bit lopsided, the cross is a bit long on one side, but considering my lack of free-hand skills, I think it came out pretty good. Side by side with the DVD tin for comparison.
-Jacket. Redid the slit up the back and shortened the bottom by about 4 inches. That should bring it to the back of your knees Sakka, or close at any rate.

-Armor. Plates all glued into place. The epoxy kicked my ass hard.
Armor. This is not the most up to date picture, the frame has been trimmed and painted gold.

And on the side, look what I found in my backyard this afternoon. ::sigh::
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Here's a little cosplay update for those following. ^__^ I got quite a bit done this weekend. I still have some major work and gluing to do, but this is great progress.

Sanzou costume:

-Chest armor in progress. All the plates are tied to the frame and ready for gluing.
-Chest armor glued to the frame. And let me say that the epoxy is awesome, but a bitch to work with. I still have to secure the plates and cut the ends of the frame, but definately shaping up.

Sai costume:
-Last year's nasty wig. Which is now in the trash. Ha!
-A pile of loose wig hair, already glued to the inside of the hat band.
-Completed wig and hat. Thanks for the idea to work with the loose hair V. A complete mess (wish I had pictures of me with the hair wrapped around me while I tacked it in), but the better option than going with a wig I didn't like. The hair will stay in the rubber bands until the con to prevent tangling.


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