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Took my cat to the vet today. I had the newer vet lady person (her name escapes me as usual), she however has never dealt with my beast!cat. The vet was a bit concerned that she dropped some weight, but I'm not all that bothered. She's gone from an outside cat to an inside cat and seems to be bright enough to adjust her eating habits to suit her day. That and she's not getting all those extra moles. heheh... ^_^;;;;

Then the vet is this close to flipping out about the lump on Pear-chan's side. I calmly explained to her that the dear little pest got into something shouldn't have as a kitten and has been fine ever since, and she's about 10 or 11 now I think. I could be wrong though, she might be younger. But all is well,

Doc is still nervous and asked me to keep an eye on her for unusual behavior. She seems keen on running blood work.

Also, pardon me while I die of CLAMP inflicted slashiness.

I'm finally playing catch up with xxxHolic. Chapters 94/95 slay me, both in dialog and the CLAMP standard of the injured eye. The Doumeki/Watanuki kills. And *everyone* seems to be doing their level best to get them to admit the UST.

On the Cosplay Front:
I was going to go out and get stuff at the local quilting supply (why don't we have a general craft store anymore ::weeps::) and pick up a few trim thingies and my handy cosplay standby - elastic. Sad thing is though, I was going to stop there, but I turned too soon and wound up at my house instead... Oh well, hopefully I'll get out of Jury early enough to stop at the store.

Strangely enough, this costume is going faster than any other costume I've done thus far. We~eird. The pants and jacket are about about the halfway point in a little more than one weeks time. Even though I've been putting the table away at the end of each day I spend sewing. Which I might add is better for my day to day than leaving my sewing table up the whole time. I can actually get to my work clothes. Heh.


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