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This week I've also included some photos of my workspace in my room, just in case anyone was curious for any strange reason. ^___^

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I think I need another set of spreader bars for my scroll frame. I always seem to need the larger set for everything.  The update picture was taken on a smaller set of bars so you can't see as much as is normally visible.

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I'm a dork. A dork that just blew a lot of money having these made, but a happy dork.

So I've got another 199 sets. I'll bring a few to Otakon for anyone interested. After Otakon you can start emailing me or leaving replies in my journal in you want a set. I've just got to figure out the cost per. ^_^

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that these were all done using sketches done for me by [personal profile] silvertalesages ago. They finally got some use Kit!  
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My quest to replace my fansubs hits another freakin' speed bump. I got ripped off on Amazon Marketplace. But at least the seller seems willing to work with me to return/refund the DVDs.


I should know better than to buy a DVD box set on Amazon for such a low price. I should have known that something smelled fishy. Instead of the US box set of Gundam Wing, I get the Hong Kong copies of the US release. >_<

So I went on eBay and bid my little heart out. Got a decent deal for a full set of the individual DVDs. It went a little higher than I would have liked, but even with shipping comes out to less than $10 per disc.


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