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I'm back. Mostly.

First, I want to thank everyone for their concern and hugs. This week was hard, the first weekend being the hardest without my cat. Last weekend it was sunny and a little breezy, and with the sunlight shifting over my grey comforter, I kept thinking Pear was trying to sneak up on me.

And because I really need to, I'm sharing some pictures of my savage beast.

The stalking beast, the mighty hunter and
The cuddler she became in the last two years or so of her life.

Mom has been really good about all of this. She was looking for a picture of my youngest brother for the section in the senior yearbook (f*ck! he's a senior already) where they have parents submit baby pictures. While she was digging through boxes of loose pictures for something she liked, she found a bunch of pictures of Pear for me. So now I've got a sizeable collection, 6 recent photo's on my computer and 6 older photos. Including one of her as tiny fluff ball of a kitten all frizzy and fat, her 'helping' make the bed (she was always curious about how sheets moved), and a personal favorite; Pear jammed into a too small Amazon box taking a nap.

Also, I'm having a touch of trouble with the family internet right now, we had lighting hit (or at least I think it hit) the house over the weekend and as far as I can tell blew the dsl modem to hell, but oddly enough did no damage to the router. Fortunately I'm a paranoid individual and have kept my dialup service. So we're doing a bit of research to see how we want to tackle the modem, whether we should replace it and attempt to set it up ourselves, or pay the tech to do it, or switch to cable, which has a 12 month deal on the 3 pack internet, phone and TV.


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