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My back is considerably better than what it was Monday night. It's still a bit sore/tender, but I'm feeling closer to how I felt before my back went out. Even my coworkers have been saying that each day I look a little less tense. ^_^;;;

Some of you may know of my love of vintage Strawberry Shortcake. New Strawberry Shortcake does not share this love. Anyway, I've had this tall drinking glass for ages. I had lost it years ago, but when we moved to the new house a few years ago I found in the very back of the cabinet. So I took it to work to use at the circ desk (it gets very dry, so most of us keep a glass of water handy). It's become quite the conversation piece. In the move to the new building, I figured I should bring it home to keep it from getting smashed, I've had other special mugs and such smashed by clumsy coworkers (poor Toto mug ;_;). Which was a fine idea until this afternoon. My father in his haste for a glass of water knocked it over and broke it into tiny tiny pieces. And then he has the gall to get mad at me for putting it away in the cabinet. Pardon me while I roll my eyes. In this instance I will have to back my mother. Dad is clumsy. He's broken more than his fair share of table settings and glasses in the last year alone. He needs to be switched *back* to the tupperware cups and plates we used when the boys were little.

But all will be well. One way or another. Mom was so very annoyed by him breaking my vintage glass, that she told me see if I could find it online for a reasonable price. I'm so bidding tonight when I clear it with mom.


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