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Dudes, this makes twice today. Get it through your thick heads that calling *everyday* at 3 in the afternoon will not get you my mother. Nor will it likely ever. For pities sake, most people don't even get out of work until after 4. This puts you right up there with my credit union that insists on calling me at work, even though I told them, and they have notes in the system, that my work number (because I don't have an office and am right out in the middle of the public) is only for dire, total armageddon type emergencies.

Maybe I'm just iritable because I didn't sleep well last night. Mostly because the good old brain was churning out cosplay construction plans, complete with diagrams. I should have some pictures to post in the next day or two, I spent yesterday measuring for swords and marking lengths on a yard stick.

Sakka-chan, from the pictures I have of the two of us standing together, you look to be about 5 inches shorter than me. Roughly speaking.

Hopefully this week I'll get more information from the guy at Dad's work that does woodworking, see if his knows a good place nearby that sells draw knives. Seeing as the woodworkers warehouse in town closed and filed for bankrupcy. Damn. Why didn't I get into this sooner. I would buy it online, but I'm thinking it would be better to buy specialty blades in a store.

If not that, then I want to look for red shrink wrap. Shrinky, shrinky.


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